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Privacy Policy

Here at The Skin Room At Beautique, your confidentiality and privacy is important and you're in safe hands.

Your personal information is never shared with a third party and all records of personal documentation are secured safely within The Skin Room At Beautique


From 25.05.2018 a new EU legalisation called GDPR (general data protection regulation) came into effect and we have taken the correct steps to be compliant.

At any point, you may request your personal data if required and you have the right to opt out for any information which you should receive from The Skin Room At Beautique


At present, we do not currently send out marketing emails/messages/phone calls and this will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

By continuing with bookings and appointments at The Skin Room At Beautique, you are agreeing to give your consent for us to collect, use and store your personal data.

In order for us to continue your services smoothly, please read the following information below. 

" I confirm that I understand how The Skin Room At Beautique uses and stores my personal data and give permission for them to collect, handle and store this data for treatment and appointment purposes accordance with GDPR guidelines" 

"Please find herein my consent to receive marketing emails (for future reference) SMS, and online communication from The Skin Room At Beautique".

"I am happy to receive booking and treatment  information via email/sms/social media services"

"I trust that my personal data is kept safe in a lockable unit and any information/photography which are stored on computer devices are password protected.

Im aware that my personal data is not shared (or sold) to a third party".

Thank you for reading.

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